VPME 8.0, VPME 8.1, VPMS 8.0: Important Tip

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VPME 8.0, VPME 8.1, VPMS 8.0: Important Tip

Postby JessicaLawson » Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:16 pm

VPME 8.0, VPME 8.1, VPMS 8.0: Important Tip: VPM Build Hang Problem & Zapping VPM Resource File

In VPME 8.0 some users experienced a lock-up of VPME after building an application within VPME.For all practical purposes, this problem has been solved in VPME 8.0a. However, after certain unlikely actions by a user, the problem could occur. But after occurring once, it should not occur again.

Recommendation: You can prevent the occurrence of the problem if you immediately exit VPME the first time you run it after installing VPME 8.0a or the VPME 8.0a update.

Key to Solving Problem:The key to solving the problem is the requirement that a specific record be included in the VPM resource file, SAPPFRES.DBF. If that record is not in the VPM resource file, the build hang problem can occur.

Tip - Zapping VPM Resource File:If you zap the VPM resource file, the required record will be lost. Here are the steps you need to take to recreate the record in SAPPFRES.DBF if it is removed:

1. Run VPM.
2. Exit to VFP.
3. Undock the VFP standard toolbar and then close it.
4. Exit VFP
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