VPME 8.0, VPMS 8.0 FIX: Related Pages form

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VPME 8.0, VPMS 8.0 FIX: Related Pages form

Postby JessicaLawson » Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:16 pm

VPME 8.0, VPMS 8.0 FIX: Error occurs on Related Pages form when saving record with duplicate PK

Applies to: VPM Enterprise 8.0, VPM Standard 8.0

Symptoms: An error occurs on a Related Pages form where a child/grandchild/etc. table is edited
through a grid and a new record that has a duplicate PK is attempted to be saved. After clicking the
OK button when notified that the new record contains a duplicate PK, the error occurs if the Restore
button on the toolbar is then clicked to remove the new record.

Resolution: To fix this problem, make the following modification to the Restore method of the VPMApp
class in the VPMApp class library. Note: This modification will only fix the problem in your
applications, not within VPM itself.

Change the two occurrences of:

GOTO stnRecordBeforeAdd


GOTO stnRecordBeforeAdd
IF This.BypassErrorHandling_Stop()
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