Open View with Numeric PK Issue

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Open View with Numeric PK Issue

Postby wftdata » Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:54 pm


I am going crazy wondering why this Open View doesn't work in my Find Form I created. The PK is Numeric. I defined the filters correctly using nFileNo >= ?PKValue_nMin AND nFileNo <= ?PKValue_nMax in the DD. I only get one record, the _nMax Value! It works fine when using the default SQL Find Form.

DIMENSION slaFilterVariables[2,2]
slaFilterVariables[1,1] = 'PKValue_nMin'
slaFilterVariables[1,2] = ThisForm.txt_FileNo1.Value
slaFilterVariables[2,1] = 'PKValue_nMax'
slaFilterVariables[2,2] = ThisForm.txt_FileNo2.Value

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

*** I seemed to fix this issue.....used FINDnFileNo and it worked. What I noticed is that when I list the FIND Fields on my form, it doesn't filter out the blank entries as the SQL Find Form does! It Doesn't use the Data Sources ByPass.

Does anyone know why???

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