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Postby stecenko » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:03 pm

I've pretty much developed VPME 9.1.12 to use a SQL engine. There are just a few tables, notably the meta-data that are still in DBFs.

Now the question is how far away can I put the SQL engine?

So far, I've worked on applications with a desktop computer directly connected to the server. I have one client who has over a 100 workstations using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services with Server 2012. But not all are running my application. I've used RDS from my office to run the application on the server and it's not great, but it works. I have nothing to do with the set-up; my application has been running there for years. The network people who installed the server set everything up.

Does any one else have a VPME application running via RDS? Or know how to do so?
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