VFP Developer wanted

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VFP Developer wanted

Postby cti2 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:47 pm

As I get closer to retirement, one of my best client wants someone to take over my position with a training overlap.
This is for an IT position / programmer at an electronics manufacturer in central New Hamsphire. Likely the candidate would need to relocate.
Does anyone here have any interest, or just as importantly can anyone point me to good resources to post help wanted ads for an experienced VFP developer
Thanx; Pete Ryder
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Re: VFP Developer wanted

Postby ChuckASI » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:23 pm

An early congrats on that PENDING Retirement Pete. I think the only way VFP will eventually completely die is all of us OLD DOGS get out of the work force. Looking to retire myself in about 2 years. Still have about 35 customers that I will be giving at least a year notice to find something else as I don't see anybody coming along to buy the business. I had received an email today that after I read your post here I thought maybe it was the same but the email this A.M. was from EPS through CODE magazine looking for a contract VFP / SQL programmer for 1 year in New Jersey. Good luck with your search and your years of "Kicking it Back" down the road.
Chuck Prickett
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