Project Hook class and INI file

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Project Hook class and INI file

Postby JessicaLawson » Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:26 pm

I posted this here sometime in the past, but it is gone, so I will post it again.

The attached zip file contains a sample INI file and a PRG representation of a project hook class. The code will not work as is unless the user has the ProSysPlus libraries. However, the calls to the PSP functions are pretty much self explanatory, so a user could figure out how to do the same things with VPM or native VFP. In particular, I used PSP Library functions to close tables and to read from an INI file.

The class structure assumes the PSP parent classes, so, a user would need to define the class within the available class hierarchy. Nothing exotic, just an understanding of class structures and hierarchies is required.

The code in the ProjectHook class will add the specified DBCs at build time when an EXE is being built, and remove them after the build. If the DBC is in the project all the time, the project opens the DBCs and prevents certain functions when exclusive use of the DBC is required. Adding and removing them at build time solves the problem.

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