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Post Attachments Now Permitted

Postby JoeLawson » Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:09 am

We have implemented the ability to attach a wide variety of file types to your posts.

The maximum size of an attachment is 256KB.

If you attempt to attach a file and get the error message "Extension Not Permitted". Please send an email to letting us know what file extension you are trying to post.

Also, VPME user Craig Hudson let us know that three of the VPME 9.1 Fix posts in the ProMatrix Library did not have the attachments that were referenced in the posts. Those missing attachments are now available with those posts. The 3 posts missing attachments were:

VPME 9.1 FIX: Field data dictionary records deleted
VPME 9.1 FIX: Condition Builder
VPME 9.1 FIX: Refreshing cursoradapter within a transaction

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